Pi2Go Mk2 Robot for Raspberry Pi

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The Pi2Go Mk2 is the evolution of the very popular original Pi2Go, first shipped in April 2015.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Pi2Go Mk2 Robot for Raspberry Pi"

The Pi2Go Mk2 is the evolution of the very popular original Pi2Go, first shipped in April 2015. The major changes are:

  • Improved assembly method, particularly the motor mounts
  • No wires for attaching the battery packs
  • Better quality wheels with high grip tyres
  • Wheel sensors built into both wheels
  • Programmatic access to the raw battery voltage
  • Improved analog light sensors – one in each corner
  • 10 individually addressable Smart RGB LEDs
  • 2 edge connectors compatible with Pimoroni’s Breakout Garden with full access to I2C signals and individual GPIO signals
  • Improved motor controller allowing higher speeds and optional braking on stop
  • Ultrasonic Breakout included
  • IP Display Breakout included
  • Now with 4WD Option

* Raspberry Pi, batteries and 4WD Option not included

Schulstufe: Zyklus 3
Programmiersprache: Java/Jython/Python, Scratch
Fach: Informatik, Mathematik, Mathematik (LP21), Medien und Informatik (LP21), Robotik/Mikrokontroller
Betriebsystem: Win
Schnittstelle: USB, WIFI
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  • Requires 6 x AA rechargeable battery cells (not included)
  • Supports all versions of 40-pin Raspberry Pi
  • (NB. the Raspberry Pi 4 consumes a lot of power and it is recommended to use one of the optional 7 x AA, or 2 x 18650 battery boards)
  • Motor controller: DRV8833
  • Analog input (light sensors and battery) MCP3008
  • Switching 5V power supply using TPS5430
  • 10 x SK6812-3535 Smart RGB LEDs (compatible with neopixels) – on battery board
  • On/Off switch with Blue indicator LED – on battery board
  • 2 x TCRT5000 infra-red obstacle sensors (front corners)
  • 4 x SFH3710 light sensors (all 4 corners)
  • 2 x TCRT5000 infra-red line follower sensors
  • 6mm tact switch for programmatic use
  • 4 x servo connections – direct from GPIO pins, with 5V and Gnd signals
  • 2 x optical wheel sensors with 20 slot encoder wheels (ie. 20 pulses per revolution)
  • 2 slots for breakout boards, including ultrasonic distance sensor and IP Display. These slots are compatible with Pimoroni’s Breakout Garden range. Why not add an OLED display or TOF sensor, or even one of the accelerometer breakouts?
  • Overall size with wheels attached: 148 x 118 x 98mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight (excluding Raspberry Pi & batteries): 282g
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