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Edison is a programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and... mehr
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Edison is a programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students from 4 to 16 years of age.

The Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching children computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way.

With more built-in sensors than any robot in its class as well as lights, sounds and autonomous behaviour capabilities, Edison makes true robotics education accessible to students of all ages.

Edison’s robotics capabilities can be unlocked with ease through simple barcode programs. Students can then progress their robotics, coding and STEM education journeys using Edison with three progressive programming languages. Older students can learn the fundamentals of coding as they progress from drag-and-drop icon-based programming all the way through to coding in a vertical text-based language.


Edison can also be used to build and invent as the programmable base for an incredible range of engineering and STEM projects thanks to Edison’s expandable robotics system which works with the EdCreate construction kit and any other LEGO brick compatible building system.


  • Teach children computational thinking and coding in a hands on and intuitive way.
  • Suitable for use with children from 4 - 16 years of age.
  • Edison can respond to light and sound.
  • It can also follow lines and avoid obstacles.
  • Each Edison can communicate with other Edison robots.
  • They can also be connected to other Edison robots and LEGO bricks.
  • Code Edison via the headphone output on your Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Phone.


  • 1 x Edison Robot.
  • 1 x EdComm Cable.
Schulstufe: Zyklus 2, Zyklus 3
Fach: Medien und Informatik (LP21), Robotik/Mikrokontroller
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the story behind the Edison robot Edison educational robots are an innovation from Microbric,... mehr
Hersteller "Microbric Pty Ltd"

the story behind the Edison robot
Edison educational robots are an innovation from Microbric, an Australian company based in South Australia. Microbric has been providing educational robots to schools since 2004.
Edison successfully launched in mid 2014 on crowd funding website Kickstarter by raising over $100,000 in the 30 day campaign.
Edison is the result of a genuine passion for innovation and new creations. Microbric’s vision is to share electronics, robotics and programming with as many people as possible. Our technology is designed to provide users with an opportunity to experiment and have fun, while challenging their knowledge, innovativeness and imagination, without the need for expensive tools.
Their educational robots are clean, safe, reusable, expandable and robust and provide users with a range of combinations, and possibilities.

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