ALTA® II Reflectance Spectrometer

ALTA® II Reflectance Spectrometer
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Data can be calibrated against standards and manipulated into graphs of reflectances versus... mehr
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Data can be calibrated against standards and manipulated into graphs of reflectances versus light wavelength that are nearly identical to those in text and reference books. The patented technology of the ALTA uses light in visible colors (blue through red in seven wavelengths) and in four invisible “colors” of infrared light. The results are good models of spectra from NASA probes like Mars Pathfinder and environmental satellites like LANDSAT. The spectrometer can be used in any class that deals with light, color, or spectroscopy.

Curriculum materials include basic operation instructions and exercises in biology, environmental science and remote sensing, geology and planetary science, and physics. Extensions are suggested for astronomy, physiology (color vision and illusion), and art. The spectrometer and activities are designed for grades 8 through college, and they have been used with middle school gifted and talented classes. The ALTA II Reflectance Spectrometer is ideal for open-ended student research.

The ALTA II Reflectance Spectrometer is a stand-alone device. It cannot be used with any Vernier interface. Data can be manually entered into Logger Pro or Logger Lite for further analysis, if desired.

Fach: Biologie, Mathematik, Physik, Vernier
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