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  The AV-Module is able to measure current and voltage and therefore replaces... more
Product information "AV-Module"


The AV-Module is able to measure current and voltage and therefore replaces conventional multimeters completely. With touch buttons three measurement modes can be selected: current, voltage and combined current-/voltage-measurement. leXsolar AV-Module is intuitive and easy to use but yet allows precice and professional measurements. A high resolution graphics display shows the measurement values as well as visualizes the measurement modes. Technical specifications: Voltage measurement: - Range: 0...12 V - Accuracy: 1mV - Overvoltage protection >12V Current measurement - Range: 0...2 A - Accuracy: 0.1mA (0...199mA) and 1mA (200mA...1A) - Automatic fuse protection >2A (reactivation with touch button) - Internal resistance <0.5 Ohm (0...200mA); <0.2 Ohm (200mA...2A) Electrical connection: - compatibel to leXsolar-basic unit - 4mm-banana plugs Display: Graphics display resolution192x192 Power supply: 2 x AA battery or rechargeable Interfaces: - Display to read the measurement values - leXsolar USB-Connect* for direct PC-connection - leXsolar Wireless-Connect* for wireless data acquisition

grade: Diploma/ Vocational/ Uni, Middle years
Subject: physics, renewable energy
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