PQ12 Series Micro Linear Actuators

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  • FRG-PQ12R-100-6V
  • Actuonix Motion Devices
  • L16S50-150-12V
  • FRG-L16R50-35-6
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The PQ12 series are the smallest linear actuator that we offer. It weighs only 15g and features... more
Product information "PQ12 Series Micro Linear Actuators"

The PQ12 series are the smallest linear actuator that we offer. It weighs only 15g and features a stroke length of 20mm. The PQ12-P micro feedback actuators feature an internal potentiometer that can be used to provide position feedback. They do not have an internal controller or end-limit switches. 

You can use your PQ12 -P as a Linear Servo using the LAC (Linear Actuator Control) board listed in the "Controllers and Switches" section here. This combination has all the same functionality as the L12-I plus USB support, speed control, sensitivity control, position control, and adjustable end limits. 

If you're looking for the smallest linear actuator that can handle a load of up to 11lbs then the PQ12 is for you.

The PQ12-P comes in 6 unique models featuring: 

  • Stroke length of 20mm (0.78")
  • 3 gearing options for maximum forces between 18N (4lbs) and 50N (11lbs)
  • Available in 6V or 12V


You can find our PQ12 micro linear actuators in a wide variety of robotics applications across several industries. OEM manufacturers trust Actuonix Motion Devices to provide high-quality micro linear actuators that they trust in their products.

For an example of the PQ12 in action, check out the YouBionic prosthetic hand in the video below, driven by five PQ12 micro linear actuators.


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grade: Diploma/High School, Diploma/ Vocational/ Uni
Data Logging Interfaces: Arduino
Subject: physics, Robotics/ Microcontrollers
Hersteller Actuonix Motion Devices
Based in Victoria BC Canada, Actuonix Motion Devices Inc is a private company dedicated... more
Supplier information "Actuonix Motion Devices"
Actuonix Motion Devices

Based in Victoria BC Canada, Actuonix Motion Devices Inc is a private company dedicated to providing innovative and economical solutions for the growing needs of the emerging consumer electronics and commercial robotics markets. In business since 2005, Actuonix is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the micro motion marketplace.


Actuonix designs and manufactures it's own line of micro DC linear actuators and linear servos to drive a new generation of compact robots, R/C models, and motion-enabled consumer products.

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