Misty II

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Misty II mit  Misty (Arduino Compatible) Backpack Misty opens up robots as a development...plus
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Misty II mit Misty (Arduino Compatible) Backpack

Misty opens up robots as a development platform
Misty provides a new world of opportunities with robots for business, personal, research and educational use. She’s purpose-built for developers, has the tools and docs you need to easily build her skills, and is readily extensible via third-party APIs, hardware modifications, and additional sensors.

Write a Skill in 30 Minutes or Less

niveau: Sec. II & tertiaire
langage de programmation: C#, Java/Jython/Python
matière: informatique, Robotique
système d'exploitation: Android, Win
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Misty is packed with sophisticated hardware and software features that contribute to her ruggedness and extensibility as a platform.


  • Qualcomm® SDA 820™ processor
  • Qualcomm® SDA 410™ processor

Computer Vision

  • Occipital Structure Core depth sensors for 3D maps
  • 166° diagonal field of view wide-angle Structure Core camera (106° horizontal x 60° vertical)
  • 4K camera
  • Facial recognition
  • Deep-learning AI using Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Neural Processing Engine
  • Sound
  • 3 far-field microphones using Qualcomm® Fluence™ PRO
  • 2 high-fidelity speakers with engineered sound box and bass port
  • Touch
  • 6 capacitive touch sensors on head and chin

Distance and Obstacle Detection

  • 8 IR-based time-of-flight sensors (3 forward, 1 rear, 4 edge/downward)
  • 10 bump sensors (3 tied in parallel on each front corner, 2 tied in parallel on each rear corner)


  • Patent-pending 3-degree of freedom neck
  • Easily customizable moving arms
  • Sturdy track-driving tread system
  • Trailer hitch to pull a payload

Display & Light

  • 4” LCD image display/screen
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Multi-color LED chest light


  • 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi connection
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities


  • USB/Serial-connected backpack for hardware extension
  • The Misty (Arduino-Compatible) Backpack (sold separately)
  • Magnetic helmet connection point

Documentation, sample code, and tutorials

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