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mTiny is an early education robot for children growing up in the digital age. Its Tap Pen... altro
Informazione prodotto "mTiny"

mTiny is an early education robot for children growing up in the digital age. Its Tap Pen Controller is a coding tool that exercises children’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It brings computer programming into children’s real life, using coding cards and various themed map blocks to guide the child in exploring, perceiving, and creating through highly interactive, stimulating, and fun games. The continuously updated mTiny toolkit also fosters children’s interest in learning in math, English, music, and other subjects, and keeps them inspired.
Themed maps, coding cards, an enlightening storybook, and tap-to-code interaction, all these make learning fun for children. They can develop their computational thinking by completing the tasks assigned on the storybook or play freely to discover different solutions. mTiny allows children to explore the unknown themselves, in a bid to bolster their confidence in independent thinking through a gaming experience.

livello: scuola elementare
materia: informatica, informatica, lingue, Robotica, studio dell'ambiente
interfaccia: Bluetooth
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Weitere Info "mTiny"


  • 1x mTiny Roboter
  • 1x Tap Stift Controller
  • 36x Coding Karten
  • 24x Themenkarten Stücke
  • 1x Büchlein
  • 1x Golf Spielkarte
  • 1x Wettkampf Spielkarte
  • 1x Entfernungskarte
  • 1x Musik Karte
  • 1x 2-in-1 Micro-USB Kabel
  • 3x Charakter Masken
  • 1x Fahnenstange
  • 8x Fahnen
  • 1x Quickstartguide
  • 1x Sicherheitsinformationen
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