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  IQube is a simple and fun way of introducing children to advanced concepts of... mehr
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IQube is a simple and fun way of introducing children to advanced concepts of circuits and electricity. By giving your children a grounding in circuitry at a young age, you'll prepare them for a world where technology plays an increasingly important role.


  • Software app for Windows and Mac
  • 100+ Projects
  • 20 Cubes
Schulstufe: Zyklus 3
Betriebsystem: Mac OSX, Win
Schnittstelle: Bluetooth, USB
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Is IQube safe?

IQube was designed with safety at heart. This involved keeping choking hazards to a minimum by securing small parts; designing the magnets so that it would be impossible for them to fall off through wear and tear; building the blocks to withstand being dropped thousands of times; and many other precautions. IQube will meet the same stringent toy safety certifications and requirements as much larger toy companies, such as Lego.

Ok, but aren’t electronics dangerous by definition? Do you have any certification?

Although IQube teaches electronics, it does so in a very safe way. Electrical toy safety standards set maximum voltages at 24V for children’s toys - a very safe voltage level. The IQube has its maximum voltage set at 5V.

In fact, IQube uses a similar amount of electricity to a typical bluetooth mouse or mobile phone.

What age group is IQube suitable for?

Children start to nurture the concept of “what I want to be when I grow up” from the age of around 8. This is when they start to become more aware of their surroundings and interested in how things work. We wanted to motivate kids into exploring science and engineering, so we decided to make a toy suitable for this age onward.

At this age, a child’s vocabulary and reasoning skills are already moderately developed. They’re also starting to become more curious about the world around them, and to enjoy making things. We pique this sense of wonder in the everyday by designing the projects around the world they see and interact with everyday: their refrigerator lamp, dimmers, garage lights and fire trucks. After they have learnt these concepts, the app’s Free Form Mode allows them to explore their curiosity and build new projects based on wherever their imagination takes them.

Which electronic concepts will my child be able to learn by playing with IQube? 

We designed the IQube to adhere to suggested curriculums in electronics for K12.

Beginning by introducing the basic components and how they are used - what is a Power Source? A Lamp? A Switch? - IQube goes all the way to providing practical demonstrations of electrical laws and theories - What is Ohm’s Law? How does a capacitor work?


Is the IQube App already available?

The PC and Mac iOS versions of the App is already available for download.

Will the IQube App be free?

The App will be available for free to all our backers.

Can I use the IQube app on my laptop?

Yes. The first version of the product actually runs on PCs and Macs, and is the version we used to test the general learning and user experience for the product.

The Indiegogo version can run both on your laptop and mobile devices.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life will be highly dependent on the blocks you are using. If projects are completed at a reasonable pace, you should be able to finish the first 50 under one charge.

At its most power-consuming configuration (in which all blocks are connected and fully running) the battery can last 2 hours.

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