LittleBits Educator Starter Kit

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The Educator Starter Kit is an open-and-go introductory kit designed for any K-12 educators... mehr
Produktinformationen "LittleBits Educator Starter Kit"

The Educator Starter Kit is an open-and-go introductory kit designed for any K-12 educators looking for a flexible, yet powerful STEAM solution. Our goal is to give you the tools and support you need to confidently secure buy-in for your whole classroom, school or district implementation.

  • 5 Bits, 12 accessories
  • Grades 3-8
  • Engage 1 Educator + 1-2 Students
  • Curriculum guides, professional development videos and funding resources on littleBits Classroom
  • NGSS and CCSS aligned

What's in the Kit
The Sphero littleBits Educator Starter includes a carefully curated sample of Bits, stickers, accessories, paper templates, standards-aligned lessons and educator resources. Use them with customized educational support material on littleBits Classroom to discover the “aha” littleBits moment that everyone raves about with this open-and-go kit.

Schulstufe: Zyklus 2, Zyklus 3
Fach: Informatik, Medien und Informatik (LP21)
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