Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

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The Neuron Explorer Kit is a new-generation Makeblock product that comes with a variety of... mehr
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The Neuron Explorer Kit is a new-generation Makeblock product that comes with a variety of programmable electronic blocks. It includes 12 electronic blocks (sound sensor, light sensor, smart power, temperature sensor, etc) and 4 craft materials packs. Using these materials, children can quickly build up five different items, like a car or a piano. What’s even better is that children can code the items to do incredible things using multiple programming languages, like flow-based code, Scratch or Swift. And bundled with game-based tutorials, the Neuron Explorer Kit helps users to explore the world of code in a fun way.

• 4 Cutout Creations and 12 Electronic Modules Available for DIY Creations The kit comes with 4 cutout projects and 12 electronic modules that are easy to get started with. With these materials, children can make a variety of creations, including Explorer Transformer Car, Robot, LED Sword, Piano and Ukulele.

• Interactive Blocks Used to Explore Science Concepts The kit includes 12 electronic modules in total, including Ranging Sensor, Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, LED Strip, Buzzer and more. Each module has its specific preset interactive gameplays, which means children can simply combine the blocks to do plenty of things without programming. Creation are made easy and children are given freedom to create as they would like. During the process, children can easily master the working principles of these electronic blocks and basic science concepts.

• Compatible with Swift Playgrounds Learn Coding at Home The Neuron Explorer Kit has 30+ game-based courses specially designed for Swift Playgrounds. The courses cover four sections, Intro to Modules, Interactive Games, Building Projects and Coding Challenges.Following the instructions to learn about the Neuron modules, build cutout projects and master the basics of Swift coding in games. In the software, children can program the Neuron gadgets to do lots of things, for instance, controlling the car to drive as they would like or programming the piano to play different songs.

• 2 Block-based Programming Software Make Coding Easy to Pick Up Begin with flow-based coding - Neuron: Use the Neuron app to bring your Neuron projects to life.The app supports flow-based programming language so all you need to do is dragging blocks, tapping icons and linking nodes. And the built-in guides are there helping children get started with coding. Children can see how their programs work in the real world so they can quickly refine the code based on what they see. Advanced learning - block-based and Python coding: Neuron Kit is compatible with mBlock (developed based on Scratch 3.0). mBlock supports block-based programming language, making coding as easy as blocks building.You can program Neuron to create your own stories, games and animations. What's even better is that you can use mBlock to explore the mysteries of AI!

• Create with IoT, Have Fun with Hi-Tech To bring the Neuron app into the IoT, you just need to take 3 steps. For example, you make a lamp and manage to complete your programs. You can share your programs with friends so that they can control the lamp even when they are miles away.

• Follow Building Tutorials and Gameplay Tips to Make Creations Built in Neuron app:Step-by-step building tutorials; 26 tasks help beginners develop logical thinking. Built-in Swift Playgrounds:30+ game-based coding tasks help children master the basics of Swift coding.

Schulstufe: Zyklus 3
Programmiersprache: Java/Jython/Python, mBlock, Scratch, Swift Playground
Fach: Medien und Informatik (LP21), Natur, Mensch, Gesellschaft (LP21), Physik
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Part list

  • 1×LED Panel Block
  • 1×LED Strip Driver Block
  • 1×Buzzer Block
  • 1×Dual Motor Drive Block
  • 1×Funny Touch Block
  • 1×Smart Power Block
  • 1×Ranging Sensor Block
  • 1×Knob Block
  • 1×Light Sensor Block
  • 1×Temperature Sensor Block
  • 2×DC Motor
  • 2×Motor connector A
  • 2×Motor connector B
  • 1×LED Strip
  • 1×Funny Switch
  • 1×GND Wire
  • 1×Temp sensor probe
  • 36×Friction Pin Connector
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1×Magnet Wire (20cm)
  • 4×Plastic Tubes
  • 1× Plastic Tube Lid
  • 4× Rubberbands
  • 1×Paper Mold Package_Piano
  • 1×Paper Mold Package_Ukelele
  • 1×Paper Mold Package_Explorer
  • 1×Paper Mold Package_LED Sword
  • 1×Instruction Manual_English
  • 1×Quick Start Guide_English
  • 1×Quick Start Guide_French
  • 1×Quick Start Guide_Portuguese
  • 1×Quick Start Guide_Spanish
  • 1×Quick Start Guide_German
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