mBot™ Variety Gizmos Add-on Pack

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Containing 6 add-on cases for mBot and 2 for mBot Ranger, this pack enriches the motion control... mehr
Produktinformationen "mBot™ Variety Gizmos Add-on Pack"

Containing 6 add-on cases for mBot and 2 for mBot Ranger, this pack enriches the motion control and appearance relative to your robots.

  • Include 5 types of mechanical parts in professional grade aluminum alloy
  • Come with 5 electronic parts, e.g. a servo and an RGB LED module
  • More playful ways to code and learn with mBot and mBot Ranger

Antenna Car
This robot car can detect and then avoid the front obstacles through its two micro switches.

Traffic Gate
Constructed with an RGB LED module and a servo, this traffic barrier gate remains closed when the light turns red and lifts when the green light is on.

Apart from counting time, this gadget can also be used to create fun projects together with mBlock stage.

Dancing Cat
Bridging the servo and a long beam together on the mBot, you can program the servo to rotate the beam in a range. It’s no doubt a funny way for your robot to adorably mimic a cat waving its little paws!

Head-Shaking Cat
Connecting the servo to the ultrasonic sensor, your mBot now acts like a robot cat shaking its head to locate where you are.

Light-Emitting Cat
Attached the servo to the back of your mBot and connected to the RGB LED module, this way your robot looks like a cat with a blinking tail.

Make use of the onboard light sensors in Me Auriga, this smart sunflower can imitate real-life solar tracking.

Magic Stick
Thanks to the onboard gyroscope sensor, you can swing this magic stick to change its color. Otherwise, press on the micro switch for the same effect.

Schulstufe: Sek 2 & Tertiär, Zyklus 3
DataLogger Schnittstellen: mBot
Fach: Informatik, Medien und Informatik (LP21), Natur, Mensch, Gesellschaft (LP21), Robotik/Mikrokontroller
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