Let's Go! Elementary Science (EN)

Elementary Science with Vernier
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Elementary Science with Vernier contains 43 fun and engaging experiments for elementary... mehr
Produktinformationen "Let's Go! Elementary Science (EN)"

Elementary Science with Vernier contains 43 fun and engaging experiments for elementary students.


Activities investigate the topics of temperature, motion, force, magnetism, light, electricity, and pressure. Also included are lots of teacher tips, black-line masters, and clear illustrations to facilitate student understanding. This book is for data collection on computers and LabQuest only.

Included with Elementary Science with Vernier

  • Complete student experiments with materials list, step-by-step instructions, data tables, and questions.
  • Teacher Information section for each experiment with complete directions for setting up experiments, helpful hints, and sample graphs and data.
  • Word-processing files of the student sections on a CD so that any experiment may be easily edited to your specifications (Microsoft Word for Macintosh and Windows files).
  • CD includes instructions to perform the experiments on every supported platform:
    • Computer
    • LabQuest in standalone mode


Features listed above are only available when you purchase the lab book.

Schulstufe: Zyklus 1, Zyklus 2, Zyklus 3
Fach: Natur, Mensch, Gesellschaft (LP21), Physik
Sprache: English
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