Vernier Mini GC Plus Gas Chromatograph

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The Mini GC Plus is a portable instrument for separating, analyzing, and identifying substances... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vernier Mini GC Plus Gas Chromatograph"

The Mini GC Plus is a portable instrument for separating, analyzing, and identifying substances contained in a volatile liquid or gaseous sample.

New features of the Mini GC Plus
The Mini GC Plus can detect more compounds than the original Mini GC. The new features that make this possible include:

  • The maximum temperature of the column is 160°C, offering more flexibility in designing temperature profiles.
  • The MEMS chip sensor can be set at either of two levels of sensitivity.
  1. Standard sensitivity mode works well for polar compounds such as: ketones, alcohols, and esters.
  2. High sensitivity mode works well for compounds such as halogenated alkanes and substituted aromatics, as well as mixtures with one or more compound of low concentration.

Use room air as the carrier gas
Developed by Seacoast Science, the Mini GC Plus uses an efficient, software-controlled internal pump system. This design allows our Mini GC Plus to use room air as the carrier gas.

Use Vernier’s award-winning software for column control, collection, and peak integration
With either Logger Pro or the LabQuest App, peak integration analysis and retention-time determination are built right into the software.

Vernier Mini GC Plus unit
AC power adapter
Hamilton Syringe (1.0 µL volume)
Two extra septa (a third septum is already installed)
USB cable
Lab manual: Gas Chromatography Investigations with the Mini GC™
Carrying case
User manual

Schulstufe: Sek 2 & Tertiär
Fach: Chemie, Vernier
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