Easi-Scope Wireless Microscope

Easi-Scope Wireless Microscope
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Be amazed by how easy it is to use this hand held digital microscope that can be controlled... mehr
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Be amazed by how easy it is to use this hand held digital microscope that can be controlled through your tablet! Watch the awe and wonder as children see a bug magnified up to 43 times on screen! Attaches to a computer via USB and includes its own LED lighting system. Take videos or still images, using the single control button. Key Features: 10 metre range. Rechargeable. Larger device which is easier to hold and investigate with little hands. Digital transmission on 2.4Ghz for perfect picture quality. Hidden antenna, aids ease of use. Communicates with a radio device which is plugged in via USB. Compatible with Windows XP or above, Android 2.2 and above, iOS 5 or MAC OS 10.4.8 and above.

Schulstufe: Vorschule, Zyklus 1, Zyklus 2
Fach: Audiosysteme, Mathematik (LP21), Natur, Mensch, Gesellschaft (LP21), Sprachen (LP21)
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