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The HiTechnic MiniScope - a full featured dual channel digital oscilloscope with an auxiliary 4...plus
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The HiTechnic MiniScope - a full featured dual channel digital oscilloscope with an auxiliary 4 channel digital input option. Includes:
MiniScope circuit board - small circuit board that fits directly into a standard breadboard; perfect companion to the HiTechnic SuperPro Experimenter's Kit

  • USB cable - allows the MiniScope board to be connected to a Windows PC
  • DVD - MiniScope Application with Application Guide; lets you view analog & digital signals & adjust the oscilloscope settings
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HiTechnic MiniScope Oscilloscope Board


An oscilloscope is one of the most commonly used measurement instruments used in the electronics industry. At the most fundamental level, an oscilloscope enables the variation of an electronic signal with time to be viewed as a graph. This means that waveforms can be readily displayed and analyzed.

The HiTechnic MiniScope is specially designed to work with the SuperPro board. It fits into a standard breadboard making it easy to use with testing new circuits.

What's included

  • MiniScope circuit board - small circuit board that fits directly into a standard breadboard
  • USB cable - for connecting the MiniScope board to the PC
  • DVD - MiniScope application for Windows XP or higher; MiniScope Application Guide

Oscilloscope Hardware Features:

  • Two analog inputs with an input range of -5 to 5 volts
  • Four binary inputs with input range from 0 to 5 volts. (voltage >1.6 is a 1, otherwise 0)
  • Sampling rate up to 100,000 samples per second (up to 10kHz signals)
  • Hardware trigger on either a positive or negative slope on A or B analog inputs channels
  • Trigger on any logical combination of the four binary inputs

Below is a breadboard layout showing the MiniScope used with the HiTechnic SuperPro:

In this circuit, the SuperPro analog outputs O0 and O1 are wired into channels A and B on the MiniScope. Note that the signal from O0 is filtered through a capacitor. The SuperPro binary outputs B0 to B3 are wired to the four binary inputs on the MiniScope.

MiniScope Application Features

  • Select which analog or digital channels to display
  • Timebase from 5ms to 1000ms
  • Vertical scale for analog inputs from 0.01 to 5 volts per division
  • Vertical position control for analog and digital graphs
  • Movable cursors to see exact analog values for two different time points in data
  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher

Click for larger image.

Here two analog signals are displayed. Channel A is a sine wave while Channel B is a square wave. Note that the trigger is set on Channel B to start capturing when there is a positive slope going above 1.6 volts.

MiniScope Application Guide

Get started using the MiniScope with the MiniScope Application Guide. Used together with the HiTechnic SuperPro Experimenters Kit, this guide shows how to connect the MiniScope and the SuperPro together on a breadboard. The Application Guide is included on the DVD. It can also be downloaded here:

Click to download/view pdf document.

Note: the application guide assumes access to a HiTechnic SuperPro in order to generate the sample signals. Without a SuperPro the MiniScope can still be useful since if can be used on any standard breadboard to analyze signals from electronic circuits.


The HiTechnic MiniScope board, SuperPro board, and electronic components may be damaged by static electricity so care must be taken when handling these components to avoid static discharge.

Missing the CD? Download the software by clicking here. (125MB)

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Eigenschaften "HiTechnic MiniScope"
niveau: cycle 2, cycle 2, Sec. II & tertiaire
matière: informatique, informatiques, physique, Robotique
Hersteller HiTechnic Division Dataport Systems,...
HiTechnic manufactures a range of robotic sensors for the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT. The majority of...plus
Herstellerinformation "HiTechnic Division Dataport Systems, Inc."
HiTechnic Division Dataport Systems, Inc.

HiTechnic manufactures a range of robotic sensors for the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT. The majority of HiTechnic sensors are certified by The LEGO Company assuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

HiTechnic Sensors are based on industrial sensor technology developed by HiTechnic's parent company, Dataport Systems, Inc. Dataport has been supplying technology solutions to customers worldwide since 1986.

HiTechnic manufacturers sensors that are certified by The LEGO company guaranteeing:

  • 100% compatible with Mindstorms NXT
  • Meet the highest LEGO quality standards
  • Comply with all safety standards
  • RoHs Compliant (certified lead free)
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