Power Amplifier

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Use a Power Amplifier to drive a variety of loads, including speakers, lamps, small DC motors,... altro
Informazione prodotto "Power Amplifier"

Use a Power Amplifier to drive a variety of loads, including speakers, lamps, small DC motors, and RLC circuits. The Power Amplifier can produce DC, sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms.

The Power Amplifier allows you to drive loads with ±10 V and up to 1 A current.

  • Utilizes internal feedback for accurate AC waveforms and DC levels.
  • Can provide a steady, linearly-controlled DC output for driving loads like DC motors, and precise AC waveforms for driving things like speakers.
  • Current-limited to protect against overload and shorting.
  • Current monitor function allows you to log real-time load current with any Vernier interface.
  • Class A-B Push-Pull Amplifier provides low distortion with good efficiency.
  • Supports LabQuest as a standalone device or a computer with Logger Pro 3.8 or newer and a LabQuest, LabPro, or SensorDAQ interface.

Important Note:
The Power Amplifier creates no signal on its own. It depends on a signal source such as a LabQuest 2, Original LabQuest, LabPro, or other signal source. LabQuest Mini does not provide a signal source.

Frequency range:
DC to 15 kHz.

Overall gain:

Input impedance:
10 kΩ.

Vernier Power Amplifier
Power supply
3.5 mm audio cable for LabQuest control
BTA cable for LabPro input and current sensing
User manual

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