About us

Founded in 2004, EducaTec AG is working towards enhancing the use of technical instruments, scientific thinking and knowledge networks in Swiss schools, public and private. Focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), our products from around the world address the needs of teachers and the creative minds of students. Students are directed towards a hands-on path of technological understanding and creative solutions to physical and mechanical challenges. The 4 squares in EducaTec's logo symbolizes the transition from acquiring ideal theoretical knowledge to being able to wield this knowledge when solving real-world fuzzy problems. Enabling students to handle innovative scientific instruments and systems, they start taking a closer look at the world around them using measuring devices and programming robots. Our products encourage learning, highten concentration and support a investigative mindset. Students learn to work in groups and to be goal-oriented.

We are experts in STEM.

We provide teachers with easy-to-use and innovative support to apply in the classroom, or out in nature exploring.

Encompassing the words education and technology, our company brings cutting-edge scientic instruments and teaching material into schools, while providing teachers with the necessary knowledge to employ them. Our workshops and personal instruction help reduce your preparation time for classes. Our staff is well-connected with STEM teachers in Swiss and international schools. It is EducaTec's goal to grow and support this community.