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What is the Neuron Artist Kit? The Neuron Artist Kit is a team of programmable electronic... more
Product information "Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit"

What is the Neuron Artist Kit?
The Neuron Artist Kit is a team of programmable electronic blocks designed to help children develop skills of arts and coding through playing.The kit includes 8 electronic blocks (sound sensor, led strip, ranging sensor and more) and 6 paper cut-outs packs. With these materials, children can easily make themselves fun stuffs, like a Ukulele, a Marimba, a glowing watch, an LED sword and a drum.

The kit is compatible with 2 free companion software: Neuron app(flow-based) and mBlock(based on Scratch3.0). And it also comes with an ocean of step-by-step tutorials, helping children to explore coding.

The Neuron Artist Kit gives children a chance to create artistic projects and lets them know how fun it will be tolearn coding like an artist!


  • Six Projects, Create Like an Artist
    The companion six 6 cardboard models are designed to inspire children to create like an artist. The cardboard models are quite easy to get started with. Without many efforts, children can easily get their hands-on abilities improved by building projects, like a Ukulele, a Marimba, a glowing watch and a drum.
  • Magnetic design
    All the Neoron modules have a magnetic back so they can be held on flat magnetized surfaces, like whiteboards or refrigerators. Teachers and parents can use them to instruct children either in class or at home.
  • 8 Electronic blocks and guides, Master Science Through Playing
    Each block comes with a guide.The guide tells children what the working principles are, how the block is useful and how to code the block. 8 programmable electronic blocks with different functions. Simply by connecting the blocks as instructed, children can create interactive projects and master the basics of sensors and science.
  • Video guides, Create as Guided
    The Neuron Artist Kit provides video guides for the sample projects. Follow the guides and create your own projects that are engaging and unique. Take advantage of any materials at hand. Let's see where your imaginations can take you!
  • Pogo Pin Connectors, Spark Creativity in a Snap
    The magnetic Pogo Pin design makes it easy to connect blocks together. You don't need to worry that blocks might be connected reversely anymore. Now, try making different combinations of the blocks to create your own projects! Or, you might want to use any materials at hand to add abilities to Neuron? How about making yourself a voice-control lamp!
  • 2 Free Companion Coding software, Learn Coding in an Artistic Manner
    Begin with the flow-based app - Neuron:Use the Neuron app to bring your Neuron projects to life.The app supports flow-based programming language so all you need to do is just dragging blocks, tapping icons and linking nodes. The app has built-in building guides and coding tutorials. Children can see the results of their code in the real world and quickly refine the code based on what they see.
  • Advanced learning - block-based and Python coding:Neuron is compatible with mBlock, a software that's developed based on Scratch 3.0. mBlock supports block-based programming language, making coding as easy as blocks building. Children can program Neuron to create stories, games, animations that are engaging. What's even better is that you can use mBlock to explore the mysteries of AI !!!
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Additional info "Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit"

Part list

  • 1×Smart Power Block
  • 1×Funny Touch Block
  • 1×USB Cable
  • 1×Paper Mold Package_Ukelele
  • 1×Paper Model Package_Cloud Lantern
  • 4× Conductive Textile for Drumhead
  • 1×Quick Start Guide_Overseas
  • 1×LED Panel Block
  • 1×Ranging Sensor Block
  • 1× Funny Switch
  • 1×Paper Mold Package_LED Sword
  • 1×Paper Model Package_ Infinity Band
  • 1× Conductive Textile for Wristband
  • 1×LED Strip Driver Block
  • 1×Sound Sensor Block
  • 1×GND Wire
  • 4×Plastic Tubes
  • 1×Hook & Loop (2 pairs)
  • 8×Instruction Cards
  • 1×Buzzer Block
  • 1×LED Strip
  • 1×Paper Model Package_Xylophone
  • 1× Plastic Tube Lid
  • 1×Paper Model Package_Magical Drum
  • 1×Makeblock Warranty Card
Software/ Apps/ Environments "Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit"

Neuron app (i〇S, Android tablet) mBlock (mac0S,Windows)

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properties "Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit"
grade: Middle years, upper primary
Programming Language: Java/Jython, mBlock, Scratch
Subject: design, design, informatics
operating system: Android, iOS, Mac OSX, Win
Hersteller MakeBlock
mBot is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics,... more
Supplier information "MakeBlock"

mBot is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics. Working with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0, connecting with computers or smart devices via Bluetooth or 2.4G (by different version), this easy-to-assemble mBot provides infinite possibilities for you to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

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