Vernier Stir Station

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The Stir Station is a combination magnetic stirrer and ring stand. The Stir
Informations sur le produit "Vernier Stir Station"

The Stir Station is a combination magnetic stirrer and ring stand.

The Stir Station efficiently handles beakers and other containers as small as 50 mL and as large as one liter (800 mL practical capacity). It works efficiently with beakers with a wide range of sizes and shapes of magnetic stirring bars.

  • Uses a closed-loop speed control, thus making it easier to fine tune its stirring speed (50–1250 RPM).
  • The stirring platform is lit with three cool, white LEDs. The LEDs are positioned beneath the stirring platform to provide excellent lighting of a glass container of liquid.
  • Includes a removable 18″ ring stand post conveniently positioned and affixed to the stirrer base, at a distance that will easily accommodate most buret or utility clamps.
  • Runs on either AC power (adapter included) or four C batteries (not included).
  • Is sufficiently robust to operate most common-sized magnetic stirring bars or a Vernier Microstirrer.
  • Has a chemical-resistant plastic stirring plate.

Vernier Stir Station
Vernier Microstirrer
Stirring bar (4 cm)
6-volt DC power adapter
Ring stand post (46 cm)
User manual

niveau: cycle 2, Sec. II & tertiaire
matière: chimie, sciences de la nature, Vernier
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