Electrode Support

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The Vernier Electrode Support connects to all standard ring-stand posts to keep sensors firmly... altro
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The Vernier Electrode Support connects to all standard ring-stand posts to keep sensors firmly in place during an experiment.

The Electrode Support is a great complement to the Vernier Stir Station, as well as a perfect holder for many sensors. It is built to connect to all standard ring-stand posts; its large-handled locking nut keeps your sensors firmly in place.

The larger opening (13 mm in diameter) is perfect for our pH, ISE, Conductivity and ORP sensors.

The smaller opening (5 mm) is designed to hold our Stainless Steel Temperature Probe or the Vernier Go!Temp.

The clamp end makes connecting to ring stands easy, accommodating post diameters between ~0.5 and 1 cm. The grooves on the Electrode Support to hold the wire leads for electroplating or electrolysis experiments.

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