Balsa Bridgepack

Balsa Bridgepack
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Get all the materials you need to complete an exciting bridge design and building activity.... altro
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Get all the materials you need to complete an exciting bridge design and building activity. Packs are available for a class of 10 or a class of 25. Balsa wood strips are 1/8" x 1/8" x 24". Basswood strips are 3/32" x 3/32" x 24". Construction requires hobby knife or Timber Cutter, small clips, foam board, pins, and waxed paper, sold separately.

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Included Items:

  • 150 balsa strips (1/8 x 1/8 x 24")
  • 10 two-ounce bottles with caps
  • Green glue (32 oz bottle)
  • Pitsco Bridge Book
  • 10 Pitsco Bridge Book Student Guides
  • 10 grid sheets
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Pitsco’s unwavering focus on innovative educational solutions and unparalleled customer... altro
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PITSCO Education

Pitsco’s unwavering focus on innovative educational solutions and unparalleled customer service began when the company was founded in 1971 by three teachers. Using product flyers promoting just a handful of kits and related curriculum in the beginning, Pitsco expanded rapidly from a humble dream to a multifaceted corporation with thousands of products, more than 200 employees, and a simple vision: Leading education that positively affects learners.

At Pitsco, every product we engineer, every item we sell, every curriculum we develop is deployed for the purpose of helping every student to learn, grow, and succeed – in the classroom and in life. Pitsco team members take great pride in the fact that their efforts positively impact more than eight million students each year. Students across the world benefit every day from our comprehensive array of highly effective and relevant full-year curricular offerings for the elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as hands-on kits utilized by individual students at all grade levels. Our annual catalog, known as the Big Book, features more than 3,000 STEM kits, products, and hands-on activities, many of which are proprietary to Pitsco.

The company helps students excel with a variety of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classroom solutions that are equally robust and engaging. Our age-appropriate, student-centered K-12 learning solutions in STEM, math, science, and acceleration are composed of standards-based, relevant hands-on activities delivered via a student-focused learning process.


As an industry leader and innovator, wherever education goes in the future – Common Core, in the Cloud, blended instruction – Pitsco will be there with proven, effective solutions that help students and teachers succeed!

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