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The Goniometer measures the angle of a joint, such as the knee or elbow. Use it to analyze... more
Product information "Goniometer"

The Goniometer measures the angle of a joint, such as the knee or elbow. Use it to analyze the range of motion of a limb during different types of physical activity.

  • A set of elastic straps are used to secure the sensor to the subject.
  • The lightweight and flexible joint arms allow the limb to move naturally.
  • Use it with an EKG Sensor to measure muscle activity during limb motion.
  • The sensor can also be detached from the base plate and flexible arms so it can be used in a variety of STEM and engineering activities.

0-340° (+/-170°)

13-bit Typical Resolution: 0.06°
12-bit Typical Resolution: 0.12°
10-bit Typical Resolution: 0.5

User manual

grade: Diploma/ Vocational/ Uni
Data Logging Interfaces: CBL2, EV3, EZ-LINK, GO-LINK, GO Wireless Link, LabCradle, LabQuest 2, LabQuest Mini, LabQuest Stream, SensorDAQ
Subject: Biology, mathematics, Vernier
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