littleBits Micro:Bit Adaptor

littleBits Micro:Bit Adaptor
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The   littleBits micro:bit Adapter   connects micro:bit and littleBits enabling new... mehr
Produktinformationen "littleBits Micro:Bit Adaptor"

The littleBits micro:bit Adapter connects micro:bit and littleBits enabling new learning experiences and creative inventions in a less-intimidating way.

Enhance your learning with micro:bit by adding coding to your littleBits using platforms like the free Microsoft MakeCode or Python editor. It works by connecting the signals from the littleBits input and output bitsnaps to pins on the micro:bit edge connectors. No special coding libraries are needed.

* micro:bit is required for use & sold separately

Schulstufe: Zyklus 2, Zyklus 3
DataLogger Schnittstellen: BBC Micro:Bit
Fach: Medien und Informatik (LP21), Robotik/Mikrokontroller
Schnittstelle: Bluetooth, USB
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Coding Capabilites
Microsoft MakeCode

Microsoft MakeCode is a free, open source platform for creating engaging computer science learning experiences that support a progression path into real-world programming.

Students new to coding can start with colored blocks that they can drag and drop onto their workspace to construct their programs.

Python Editor for micro:bit

micro:bit Python editor is designed with teachers and learners in mind: you can easily enlarge the text size for sharing on a large screen or whiteboard, download projects as Python text files or .HEX files ready to flash onto a micro:bit. It also works with micro:bit classroom.

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littleBits is the New York-based hardware startup that is on a mission to Democratize Hardware... mehr
Hersteller "littleBits education"

littleBits is the New York-based hardware startup that is on a mission to Democratize Hardware by empowering everyone to Create Inventions, large and small, with a platform of easy-to-use Electronic Building Blocks. The company’s innovative building blocks snap together with magnets to allow anyone to build, invent, and prototype with electronics independent of age, gender and technical background – no soldering, wiring, or programming required. littleBits breaks down powerful technology – from music with the littleBits Synth Kit, to the Internet of Things with the Smart Home Kit – and makes the technology accessible and easy to understand. The company was founded in 2011 by MIT graduate, TED Senior Fellow and cofounder of the Open Hardware Summit, Ayah Bdeir, and has grown to be a global leader in hardware.

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