Physics with Vernier

Physics with Vernier
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Physics with Vernier has 35 experiments in mechanics, sound, light, electricity, and... more
Product information "Physics with Vernier"

Physics with Vernier has 35 experiments in mechanics, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism. This book has a wide variety of experiments for Motion Detectors, Force Sensors, Light Sensors, Magnetic Field Sensors, Microphones, Current & Voltage Probes, Photogates, Temperature Probes, and Accelerometers.

Included with Physics with Vernier

Electronic Version

  • 35 ready-to-use student experiments
  • Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
  • Instructions for data collection with Logger Pro 3, Graphical Analysis 4*, LabQuest App, and EasyData
  • Essential instructor information including teaching tips, suggested answers, and sample data and graphs
  • Word-processing files of the student experiments, so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
  • Complete equipment and supplies list
  • A generous site license—buy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class

* Not all experiments are supported in Graphical Analysis 4 at this time. Additional software features and sensor support, including Photogate support, are planned for Spring 2018. Free updates to the experiments, available through your Vernier account, will include instructions for using Go Direct sensors.

Printed Lab Book

When you buy the printed lab book you receive all of the resources listed for the electronic version, plus a printed copy of the book

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Additional info "Physics with Vernier"
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2A Back and Forth Motion 
2B Back and Forth Motion
3A Cart on a Ramp
3B Cart on a Ramp
4A Determining g on an Incline
4B Determining g on an Incline
5 Picket Fence Free Fall
6 Ball Toss
7 Bungee Jump Accelerations
8A Projectile Motion (Photogates)
8B Projectile Motion (Projectile Launcher)
9 Newton's Second Law
10 Atwood's Machine
11 Newton's Third Law
12 Static and Kinetic Friction
13 Air Resistance
14 Pendulum Periods
15 Simple Harmonic Motion
16 Energy of a Tossed Ball
17 Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
18A Momentum, Energy and Collisions
18B Momentum, Energy and Collisions
19A Impulse and Momentum
19B Impulse and Momentum
20 Centripetal Accelerations on a Turntable
21 Accelerations in the Real World
22 Ohm's Law
23 Series and Parallel Circuits
24 Capacitors
25 The Magnetic Field in a Coil
26 The Magnetic Field in a Slinky
27 Electrical Energy
28A Polarization of Light
28B Polarization of Light (Rotary Motion Sensor)
29 Light, Brightness and Distance
30 Newton's Law of Cooling
31 The Magnetic Field of a Permanent Magnet
32 Sound Waves and Beats
33 Speed of Sound
34 Tones, Vowels and Telephones
35 Mathematics of Music
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properties "Physics with Vernier"
grade: Diploma/ Vocational/ Uni
Subject: audio system, physics, Scales and force gauges, Vernier
Language: English
Hersteller Vernier Science Education
Celebrating its 35 th anniversary in 2016, Vernier Software & Technology continues to... more
Supplier information "Vernier Science Education"
Vernier Science Education

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2016, Vernier Software & Technology continues to be a leading innovator of scientific data-collection technology. Focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), Vernier is dedicated to developing creative ways to teach and learn using hands-on science and math. Vernier creates easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software. With world-wide distribution to over 140 countries, Vernier products are used by educators and students from elementary school to college. Vernier’s technology-based solutions enhance STEM education, increase learning, and build students’ critical thinking skills. Vernier’s business culture is grounded in Earth-friendly policies and practices, and the company provides a family-friendly workplace.

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