Color Mixer Kit

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Experiments in additive and subtractive color mixing can be easily and conveniently carried out... mehr
Produktinformationen "Color Mixer Kit"

Experiments in additive and subtractive color mixing can be easily and conveniently carried out using the Vernier Color Mixer Kit. The Color Mixer Kit consists of a three-color LED illuminator with power supply, a lens, and a double-sided screen. The intensity of the red, blue and green LEDs can be smoothly controlled from the light source.

For more optics experiments with the Dynamics Cart and Track System, see the Optics Expansion Kit (OEK).

The Color Mixer Kit requires a Vernier Track to serve as an optics bench. The Vernier Track is included with a Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System.

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Schulstufe: Sek 2 & Tertiär
Fach: Physik, Vernier
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