Celestron Digital Microscope Imager

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The Celestron Digital Microscope Imager turns your traditional compound or stereo microscope... mehr
Produktinformationen "Celestron Digital Microscope Imager"

The Celestron Digital Microscope Imager turns your traditional compound or stereo microscope into a high-resolution digital imager using a personal computer, Chromebook or LabQuest 2. The imager replaces the eyepiece of the microscope and connects directly to your device via USB.

With its 2 megapixel sensor, built-in 15x lens, and IR cutoff filter, the Celestron Digital Microscope Imager works together with Logger Pro‘s Image and Video Capture capabilities to provide an easy way to collect still images, time-lapse sequences, and short videos. Chromebook users can use the Power Camera App in Chrome to take pictures. LabQuest 2 users can use the built in Camera App in LabQuest App to take pictures as well.

2 megapixel (1600 x 1200 pixels)

Sensor type:

Eyepiece tube compatibility:
23–30 mm (with included adapter)

30 fps at VGA resolution (640 x 480)

USB cable length:
2 m

Celestron Digital Microscope Imager
Adapter collar for use with stereo microscopes
Celestron Digital Microscope Suite software
Instruction manual

Schulstufe: Sek 2 & Tertiär, Zyklus 2, Zyklus 3
DataLogger Schnittstellen: LabQuest 2
Fach: Biologie, Chemie, Kameras, Natur, Mensch, Gesellschaft (LP21), Vernier
Betriebsystem: Chrome, Mac OSX, Win
Schnittstelle: USB
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